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            说一个古老而忧伤的故事:Altan - Daily Growing


            英乐讯  这一首来自爱尔兰乐队ALTAN的凯尔特歌曲:一个女子在年轻时嫁给了一个显贵的子弟,她担心自己的年龄有一天会成为感情悲剧的主因,她埋怨父亲的错误。婚后第二年,他们有了自己的孩子,而她的夫君却也还是个孩子,在一天天的长大。她送他去上学,为他裹了蓝色的头巾,她怕别人抢走父亲为自己选定依存的真爱。命运的捉弄使她很快成了寡妇,在为爱人缝制寿衣时,她的悲哀成了整个曲子的灵魂。

            Song:Daily Growing

            The trees they grow high,
            The leaves they do grow GREen,
            Many is the time my true love I’ve seen,
            Many an hour I have watched him all alone,
            He’s young but he’s daily growing.

            Father, dear father, you’ve done me GREat wrong,
            You have married me to a boy who is too young,
            I am twice twelve and he is but fourteen,
            He’s young but he’s daily growing.

            Daughter, dear daughter, I’ve done you no wrong,
            I have married you to a GREat lord’s son,
            He will be a man for you when I am dead and gone,
            He’s young but he’s daily growing

            Father, dear father, if you see fit,
            We’ll send him to college for another year yet,
            I’ll tie a blue ribbon all around his head,
            To let the maidens know that he is married.
            One day I was looking over my father’s castle wall,
            I spied all the boys playing with a ball,
            And my own true love was the flower of them all,
            He’s young but he’s daily growing.

            And so early in the morning at the dawning of the day,
            They went into a hayfield to have some sport and play,
            And what they did there she never would declare,
            But she never more complained of his growing.

            At the age of fourteen he was a married man,
            At the age of fifteen the father of my son,
            At the age of sixteen his grave it was GREen,
            And death had put an end to his growing.

            I’ll buy my love some flannel,
            I’ll make my love a shroud,
            With every stitch I put in it, the tears they will pour down,
            With every stitch I put in it, how the tears they will flow,
            Cruel fate has put an end to his growing.

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