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            You might have said some pretty terrible things about particular hiring managers in the past, but in many cases, those in charge of HR duties are frustrated by the annoying antics of applicants in the dark. You might be qualified for the job, but your chances for getting it will be better if you avoid doing these 10 things hiring managers hate about you.过去你也许没少说招聘经理的坏话,但在大多数情况下,人事负责人私下里都很讨厌应聘者的一些小动作。你也许可以胜任这项工作,但如果你可以避免这10件招聘经理讨厌的事情,你获得这份工作的概率会更大。

            1.Thesaurus Overload1.夸大其词

            You can create a resume that sounds intelligent without using words bigger than you. Use the thesaurus for keyword inspiration and variations, but leave out the words that sound like you're trying too hard.不需要那些过于华丽的词语,你也可以写出一份非常棒的个人简历。可以在关键词上加以区别和凸显,但注意用词不要用力过猛。

            2.Being Too Negative2.问过于负面的问题

            Do ask about why the person who used to fill the position left the job, but don't ask about the most common complaint about the job. That's completely subjective anyway and makes a negative impression.可以询问之前任此职位的人为何离职,但别问大家对这份工作最多的抱怨是什么。这种问题太过主观,会让招聘经理对你留下负面印象。

            3.When You're a Pushy Patty3.CAO之过急

            Persistence is only a virtue if it's not irritating, so hold back on the agGREssive follow-ups. Getting in touch with the hiring manager excessively makes you seem desperate.执着是个优点,但前提是不要惹人讨厌。所以接下来的表现也不要太过强势。过分积极地和招聘经理套近乎会让你看起来太心急。

            4.Not Managing Your Online Profile4.从不管理你的网上档案

            How many times do they have to say it? Hiring managers will look up all of your online profiles, and yes, they will look through your pictures. Don't be a disappointment and waste their time; clean up your online presence.说过多少次了,招聘经理会查看你所有的网上档案,是的,他们也会查看你的照片。别让他们失望,别浪费他们的时间。让你的照片看上去清爽一些吧。

            5.Sharing Too Much5.过多分享个人生活

            If you need to pick up your kids every Wednesday at 5:30 on the dot, don't mention it in the first interview. If you're the right candidate, you can work out schedule nuances later. Don't jump the gun and share too much about your personal life.如果你每周三下午5点半要准时去接孩子,别在初次面试时提到这些。如果你能够被录用,到时候你自然会安排好时间的。不要CAO之过急,谈论过多的个人生活

            6.Making Sloppy Mistakes6.粗心大意

            You wouldn't believe how often applicants make sloppy and obvious mistakes, like putting the incorrect company name on the cover letter and getting the title wrong for the job you're after. Errors like these are turnoffs for hiring managers.你也许难以相信,应聘者们多么容易犯一些低级错误,比如在简历上标错公司名称,或者弄错了应聘职位。招聘经理是无法容忍这种错误的。

            7.Feeling Too Comfortable7.太过随意

            Even if the hiring manager appears to be around your age, do not treat her like she's your pal. Friendly small talk is encouraged to break the ice and show some personality, but don't compliment her complexion and ask for skincare tips.哪怕招聘经理看上去和你的年纪差不多,也别把她视为朋友。友好的寒暄有助于打破沉默,展现你的个性,但别去恭维她的肤色,也别问她护肤之道。

            8.Assuming You Have the Job8.势在必得

            Certain questions give the impression that you think you already have the job, like asking where your desk would be located and how every minute of every day will be spent.有些问题会让人感觉你认为这份工作已经到手了,比如问招聘经理你的座位在哪里,每天要做些什么。


            There are plenty of ways applicants make themselves seem more perfect than they actually are. But total, obvious exaggeration, like saying you read through one book every day, is telling the hiring manager she's too naive to pick out a lie.想让自己表现得比真实情况更完美,有很多种方法。但过于明显的夸夸其谈,比如说你每天读一本书,会让招聘经理觉得这种谎话实在太小儿科了。

            10.TMI About Your Current Position10.过多谈论目前的职位

            When you're asked about the duties you have at your current job, do not describe your actions from the minute you get in until the minute you leave. Describing your fax-sending abilities does not sell your skills; giving examples of the way issues come up and how you deal with them does.如果被问到目前职位的工作职责,不要从入职的那一刻一直讲到离职的那一秒。描述你发传真的能力无法展现你的技能,你需要举例说明有问题发生时你是如何处理的。