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            如何与老板相处?How to Get Along With the Boss?职场英语中英对照



            在任何工作中,跟老板的关系的好坏是决定你要么迅速的晋升,要么很快的导致失业。然而,你需要一个小小的追求就是和你的上司保持一个友好的关系。遵循这些简单的步骤,把最难接近的雇主变成你最大的仰慕者,这样你就会不断地向你的老板学习。 How to Get Along With the Boss At any job, the relationship with your boss can be the door to a promotion or the quick road to unemployment. However, a little ambition is all you need to enjoy a friendly relationship with your supervisors. Follow these simple steps to turn even the most difficult employer into your biggest admirer.

            1.Do more than just the tasks listed under your job description. If a fax needs to be sent, information needs to be filed, an extra shipment needs to be made--do it. This will show your boss that you are dedicated to your job more than the average worker. 1

            2.Brainstorm. Instead of tooling around online during your down time, think of ways to improve business. Once you come up with an idea, put it into a proposal and pass it along to your boss. Even if he or she doesn't accept it, they will notice and appreciate your ambition.
            3.Follow the employee code of conduct. Most jobs will offer a new employee manual that outlines these guidelines. You must adhere to dress codes and any other employee rules. You want your boss to notice you, but not for the wrong reasons.
            4.Keep a positive attitude, even if you have to fake it. Everyone has their bad days, but it is important to put your happiest face on at work. An unhappy and negative coworker is one no one wants to be around, including the boss.
            5.Ask your boss if there are any extra training opportunities offered within the company to make you a better asset. It will make you shine above the rest and could assist you in getting a promotion.

            6.Research your job and your company. Read books or take online courses to better acquaint yourself with your business. Your boss will see that you are seriously committed to the company.

            7.Own up to your mistakes. Everyone makes them, but is a sign of character when you admit to it and commit to changing it for the better.

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