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            157-year old woman 'discovered' in Indonesia


            A census in Indonesia resulted in the discovery of a 157-year old woman. At least that's what officials say. Her name is Turinah and she lives on the island of Sumatra.

            Turinah also has an adopted daughter of 108 years old. The census officials say that she is born in 1853 although there are no official documents to confirm it. "Turinah told us she was 157, and based on her statement and the age of her adopted daughter, it's hard to doubt it", says Johnny Sjardjono, the organiser of the census.

            Turinah blames the lack of her official papers on politics. Allegedly she has burned them in 1965, during the Indonesian Killings where half a million people died due to a communist coup.

            The 157-year old is in good health and she still does her chores around the house. "She has an excellent memory and hears very well", Sjardono said.

            The only human being that ever past the 120 barrier was a French women named Jean Calment, who died at the age of 122.


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